The Word Of 2018 Is ... Nomophobia

The Word Of 2018 Is ... Nomophobia

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You've probably never heard of it. Well, that just changed. It sounds weird, right?

Obviously, it means you're scared of something since it's a phobia. But what are you scared of?

Alright. At this point, you're probably thinking, "it's definitely not a bug." You're right.

The word "nomo" is a usually meant as a custom or law to form compounding words, like nomology.

But this nomo is different. And it's one that you likely identify with.

Nomophobia is “a fear or worry at the idea of being without your mobile phone or unable to use it." And that's why the Cambridge Dictionary has made nomophobia the word of 2018.

You probably aren't immuned to this phobia, either.

Why Is Nomophobia The Word Of 2018?

This is not a scientific term, and that's important to know when discussing this word.

Obviously, the Cambridge Dictionary folks have a sense of humor. Nomophobia is derived from three parts.

It's not just "nomo" and "phobia," though. Instead, it's "no," "mo" and "phobia." The "mo" means mobile. The word literally means "no mobile phone phobia."

You're probably reading this and saying, "this is definitely me!" Well, it is.

Talk about separation anxiety ... Your choice, nomophobia, tells us that people around the world probably experience this type of anxiety enough that you recognized it needed a name!” the dictionary’s website states.

Cambridge Dictionary held a public vote to determine the word of 2018. The dictionary group determined four words that best summed up 2018 before holding a vote between blog readers and social media followers.

The other words up for consideration were ecocide, no-platforming and one of the most important ones for 2018, the gender gap.

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