Elon Musk Tweets Update About Tesla's Software Version 9 Release Date

Elon Musk Tweets Update About Tesla's Software Version 9 Release Date

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Musk has tweeted an update about when Tesla drivers can expect the release of Software Version 9. During Tesla’s Q2 2018 earnings call, the Tesla CEO said he wanted to release the update in September.

Am running it in my car, but it’s not right yet. Hopefully, will release to advanced early access users in a week or two, then more broadly towards end of month.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 5, 2018

Musk has now confirmed early access users will receive the update in the coming weeks with a rollout to the rest of the Tesla fleet before the end of the month.

The timing of the software update was raised during the call when Romit Shah of Nomura Securities International questioned Musk about when the long-awaited coast-to-coast Autopilot demo would occur.

Musk updates timeline for software update

Musk responded that the software update needed to occur before then and that he hoped it would be ready sometime late August or early September. “Yeah, that said, we might be able to pull off coast-to-coast demo before the end of the year if we – but really, like right now, (our) focus (is) on the Version 9 software release which has got some really cool things in it.

And we’re hoping to get that out to early access program in about four weeks and then broadly in September. That’s the hardcore focus right now, and that will certainly include some significant advancements in autonomy.

And then once that’s out and stable, I think that could be a good time to work on the coast-to-coast drive,” Musk said during the earnings call.

His latest tweet in response to a question from Twitter user Andrew Gold has updated the timeline so that early access users can expect to access the new software in the second or third week of September.

Although this is a slight delay on the timing Musk outlined during the earnings call the complete Tesla fleet is still likely to have the update before the end of September, which is also within the third quarter. Q3 is another important one for Tesla as they attempt to produce a record number of Model 3's.

Updates include video games and autopilot

The electric vehicle company is ambitiously aiming to produce 50,000-55,000 Model 3s in Q3. If the target can be reached and if Software Version 9 lives up to expectations, Tesla should be in for a nice little stock rise as the quarter closes.

Tesla fans can barely contain themselves waiting for the release of the software update. Rumors have been circulating for months about what will be included in the package.

Most importantly Software Version 9 is expected to include the first features of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system. Images of the software's interface have been shared online revealing a new Autopilot feature called Drive On Nav.

(3/*) Didn't actually get a chance to drive/ride in this car. Keep in mind I was told v9 is still very much in development with more features coming. My impression was that they mainly just got the UI overhaul going with other features being merged in as they move forward.

— Jason Hughes (@wk057) September 3, 2018

The leaked images also confirm that that Asteroids, a classic Atari game from 1979, would be introduced as an Easter Egg in the upcoming release. Musk has previously indicated other classic arcade games like Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command, may also appear as Easter Eggs.

(1/*) So, firmware v9. Got a peak at it (thanks, source ?). Not a full in depth tinkering, but enough to see some of the biggest changes. First is the most obvious: UI unification with Model 3. No more app bar, Nav always shown. Controls screen takes on a new form like on M3.

— Jason Hughes (@wk057) September 3, 2018

Musk stated in the tweet that he was already using the latest version of the software in his own vehicle.

Watch the video: The Tesla 2021 Software Update Is Coming. (July 2022).


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