You Can Become a DevOps Engineer with This Bundle

You Can Become a DevOps Engineer with This Bundle

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In the not-so-distant past, landing a lucrative career in web and app development required little more than a basic understanding of a few programming languages. Each member of the team was assigned to a specific element of the development process, and programmers and big-picture thinkers largely stayed in their separate spheres.

Those days are over. Today, if you want to be competitive in the increasingly complex world of web and app development, you need to be adept at both the bare-bones aspects of development as well as large-scale infrastructure management.

DevOps (a combination of “development” and “operations”) is a web and software practice that integrates these two worlds seamlessly, and the DevOps Bundle will teach you the skills required of DevOps professionals for any price you want to pay.

Whether your goal is to work as a freelancer or for a major development company, the seven courses in this bundle will outfit you with the knowledge you need to earn top salaries as a DevOps engineer.

There are courses that teach you about fundamental DevOps platforms such as Jenkins by showing you how to perform continuous integration, courses that teach you how to use Kubernetes to test and deploy real-world applications, courses that walk you through how to write actual shell scripts by introducing you to variables and operating system commands, and more.

There’s also an entire module dedicated to teaching you how DevOps can be integrated with AWS—a leading cloud platform that’s become a staple of web development, and that dominates the field when it comes to user access and scalability.

Start earning six-figure salaries with help from the DevOps Bundle. Pay any price you want, and if that’s less than the average price paid you’ll still take home a part of the bundle. Beat the average price and you take home the entire package.

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