This 3-In-1 Travel Pillow Puts Your Neck Pillow to Shame

This 3-In-1 Travel Pillow Puts Your Neck Pillow to Shame

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For all the amazing benefits and conveniences air travel has brought us, there are also a plethora of inconveniences and discomforts that stem from sitting for hours on a plane: that crying baby behind you, the sleeping gentleman taking up all your leg room, and those insufferable seats with headrests that seem to have been designed by Vlad the Impaler.

And it's not just air travel that brings both literal and metaphorical headaches. Long train rides, road trips, and even some hotel rooms can be nothing more than tests of your physical endurance.

It’s with these truths in mind that the Omni Pillow 3-In-1 Travel Pillow was created. This all-in-one portable travel cushion lets you enjoy a comfortable trip regardless of how uncomfortable your surroundings are, and it’s currently available for over 35% off at just $62.

Anyone who’s been to an airport in the last ten years has seen the classic neck pillow, but these are far too static for the modern traveler who demands comfort in a variety of settings.

The Omni Pillow acts as a neck pillow, a double cushion, and a soft pillow—all in an ultra-portable package that can be stored in even the most frugal packer’s bag.

It’s made from 100 percent pure memory foam so you’ll be able to feel like you're right at home in your trusty mattress, and it’s even fully waterproof, so feel free to take it with you on your more treacherous adventures after you’ve reached your destination.

The Omni Pillow is also completely hypoallergenic (so you won’t have to worry about setting off a chain reaction of sneezes on the flight), and is easy to wash, thanks to a removable lycra lining that can be tossed in the washing machine with a normal load.

Find out for yourself why the Omni Pillow 3-In-1 Travel Pillow has raised over $294,000 on Indiegogo. It’s available for just $62—over 35% off its usual price.

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