This Simple Browser Extension Can Eliminate Spam And Clean Your Email

This Simple Browser Extension Can Eliminate Spam And Clean Your Email

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Few people would say they miss (or even remember) the era before e-mail. Written correspondence took days not seconds, and since cell phones were non-existent as well, general communication could grind to a mind-numbing and counterproductive halt.

But to a large extent, e-mail has overcorrected this problem. Instead of receiving a handful of meaningful letters in the mail each week, our inboxes are flooded with spam and notifications from companies we’ve never even heard of—a result of either being too generous when it comes to giving out our email addresses, or nefarious companies selling our information to third-parties who then act as unrelenting spam farms.

If you’re one of the very few people who has managed to keep your spam influx under control, we salute you. If not, you need Throttle Pro—a simple browser extension that gives you complete control over who gets access to your email. And right now a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $99.

Unlike most email filter programs that can only distinguish between emails being received from within or outside your contacts list, Throttle automatically generates a unique email address every time you're required to fill out a form online, and then combines all mass mailings and notifications into a single daily digest email that you can peruse at your leisure.

You’ll be able to control who is allowed to send email to your inbox, find out who tries to sell or share your email address and immediately shut them down with a Scam Shield, and enter your information on websites knowing that you’ll be able to revoke access at any time.

Throttle even lets you shut down email access from third parties with a single click—meaning you’ll never have to navigate through the individual and hellish “unsubscribe” process ever again.

Take back control of your inbox with a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro—available for 80% off at $99.

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