This Month's Top 7 Free Tech Programs from Interesting Engineering Shop

This Month's Top 7 Free Tech Programs from Interesting Engineering Shop

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Boosting your skills or taking up a new hobby doesn't have to be expensive. The internet is full of amazing, free resources to help you learn and grow. Unfortunately, it's not always super clear where to find these resources, and many people miss out on some great deals as a result.

If you're taking your first steps towards a career in tech, or if you're just curious to learn more about what makes tech tick, there's no shortage of fantastic deals out there. Here are just some of the best free tech programs from this month.

1. The Ultimate Coding Bundle: A Thorough Overview of Coding

Getting into coding can be exciting, but also confusing. Where do you start, and what should you focus on? If you're just starting out, it's worthwhile to look for course bundles that cover a lot of ground, and give you the best possible overview so you can get a feel for what works for you.

The Ultimate Coding Bundle features the basics in Java and Ruby, as well as Google Go Lang and more. The program also includes a course on Javascript basics, which promises to teach students how to utilize jQuery to aid in writing code quickly and easily.

It includes 27 hours of lessons, taught by EDUmobile Academy mentors who have taught over 80,000 developers worldwide. Best of all, you can access all this information for free. So what have you got to lose? An exciting world of programming awaits.

2. HTML5 Game Development: Make Your Own Games

If you've got a great game idea but are daunted by the process of game development, worry no more. HTML5 is a great way to create your own games, which you can then play on phones and computers.

You can check out HTML5 Development by Example for free this month, and immediately gain access to 20 lectures that will teach you how to build your own games. The program is taught by industry veteran Pablo Farias Navarro, who has already taught over 150,000 online students to create their own games and apps. It's suitable for beginners, and will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your indie developer journey.

3. CSS With HTML: Making Your Websites Smoother and Better

If you already have a few basic skills when it comes to building websites, you might want to look into ways to improve your output. One effective way of bettering your sites is through the use of CSS with HTML.

The Byte-Sized-Chunks program offers 28 lectures, which will instruct you on how to utilize CSS and improve your web design skills. The program is taught by former Google and Flipkart employees, Janani Ravi, Vitthal Srinivasan, Swetha Kolalapudi and Navdeep Singh. They're passing the skills and insight they've gleaned through years of working in the industry down to you. Simply start for free and soon you'll be making smoother, more professional websites.

4. Android Coding Bundle: Code Android Games and More

Want to break into the Android market? This bundle has you covered. The All-About-Android Coding Bundle offers a broad array of information, covering many aspects of coding for Android. The courses are taught by experienced programmers Michael Vieck and James Sides, who have both built successful careers from their coding skills.

Whether you want to create games for the OS, or learn how to use Java in your Android coding, you'll find the answers to your queries and more. The bundle features 23 hours of lessons, and is a free and simple way to make the first steps onto what is quickly becoming a very lucrative career path. Even if a job in Android technology isn't what you're after, the bundle is a great way to upskill and branch out into an exciting area of tech.

5. Premium Coding Bundle: The Easiest Way to Upskill

If you've already completed the Ultimate Coding Bundle programs from earlier in this list, or if you simply want to try a different set of coding languages on for size, the Premium Coding Bundle is something you won't want to miss.

The bundle includes everything from beginner level Rails programming, to the basics of HTML5, and even simplified Java and Javascript programs. With an overall value of $120, this free bundle features over one hundred lessons, and all the information is yours forever. No expiration, no deadlines. Just 21 hours of easy to follow guidance in a wide variety of coding principles.

6. Wishlist Member And WordPress: Build and Monetize Your Audience

There are a couple of different ways to monetize your blog and start earning regularly from creating and posting content. One great way is through using Wishlist, a WordPress plugin that allows you to convert your blog into a subscription-only service. There's a number of benefits to this. For starters, it's a simple and effective way to keep your content safe. It's also ideal if you're interested in developing an online community with your readers.

To learn how to get started with Wishlist, check out this month's free Wishlist Member & Wordpress program. The program is taught by Rob Cubbon, an entrepreneur who has made online content creation his livelihood. Sign up and start learning how to better engage with your readership, protect your content, and make it pay.

7. WordPress Freelancing 101: How to Make Blogging Your Job

If you've already tried using Wishlist and want to learn how to take your blog to the next level, and potentially even turn your WordPress site into a full-time career, you can check out Rob Cubbon's program on WordPress Freelancing 101.

The course features 14 lectures that will walk you through all the important steps you need to be aware of when setting up your professional WordPress site - like how to choose a strong domain name, and how to define your target market. Download the program for free and find out how you could start earning money from home.

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