This Mini Wrench Kit Redefines the Quick Fix

This Mini Wrench Kit Redefines the Quick Fix

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When it comes to repairs around the house, having a reliable set of tools is key. Those who lack the right tools for a job find themselves either wasting time on a hopeless project or money on costly repairs (or occasionally both).

But standard toolboxes are notoriously difficult to take on the go, and the most popular multitools often lack the functionality required for serious fixes.

Enter the WRENCHit Interchangeable Hex Wrench System, which puts other multitools to shame by offering a unique Pop-A-Point design that lets you select and interchange ten wrenches of different sizes in a single sleeve. And right now, a WRENCHit Full Set is on sale for $48.99—10% off its usual price.

Made from rugged, SUS420 stainless steel and weighing only 30 grams, this dynamic and supremely-portable wrench set comes with ten individual wrenches that can be easily interchanged in seconds. An innovative and intuitive design lets you hold five wrenches at once (more than enough for a wide range of tough jobs), and each wrench slides effortlessly onto the sleeve.

The WRENCHit also supports a total of 15 individual functions—making it perfect for fixing anything from IKEA furniture and home appliances to bikes and sports equipment.

It comes with a genuine leather pouch that lets you store all of the included bits securely, and even doubles as a trusty bottle opener, so you’ll be able to reward yourself with a cold beverage after every fix quickly.

Ditch the bulky toolkits and ineffective multitools and grab a WRENCHit Interchangeable Hex Wrench System—on sale for 10% off at just $48.99.

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