21 Online Products That Hilariously Disappointed Their Buyers

21 Online Products That Hilariously Disappointed Their Buyers

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We've all been there - you see something amazing online and are wowed by the low price. But often if it seems too good to be true, it is. From clothes that arrive several sizes too small, to items that appear nothing like their pictures, the differences between expectations and reality can get pretty wild.

Take a look at some of the most hilarious online shopping disasters. Looks can be deceiving, so buyers beware!

1. Definitely Not Kanye-Approved

The joys of Internet shopping ?

— Andy Leeman (@AndyLeeman91) March 23, 2017

You're not likely to find the latest Yeezy sneakers without breaking the bank a little. This Twitter user learned that the hard way, when he received these Yeezy-inspired slippers. Sure, they might be comfy, but they're definitely not what he signed up for.

2. Size Matters

3 years ago I unknowingly bought a 2 person child's tent thinking it was adult sized...and i still took it to the festival

Remember to always, always read the dimensions of the product you're buying. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a bit of a tight squeeze.

3. Decor for Dolls

Bought a rug online for my room & realised the importance of specifying the size of the product you're selling

— Adam Hess (@adamhess1) June 10, 2016

If you can't see the dimensions listed and the price seems unusually low, maybe just steer clear. Unless you have a dollhouse that needs new carpets, that is.

4. A Not-So-Dandy Lion

Sometimes you're expecting something so sweet and special, and end up with...this. Why not play it safe and do it yourself? After all, it's the thought that counts!

5. Here Comes the Bride, Dressed All In...Lime?

If there's one wedding item you should buy in-person and not online, it's your wedding dress. Though you might be tempted by some of the amazing deals online, do you really want to risk walking down the aisle in lime green? Then again, if you've planned your wedding for St. Patrick's Day, go ahead!

6. A Backpack Too Small For Your Back

My mum ordered my nephew a converse rucksack for school online and this is what came ?

— Dan (@dzzzny) December 8, 2015

Going back to school is hard enough, but the new school year is even harder if you don't have the right supplies. This bag might just fit your calculator, but not much else.

7. Cool for Cats

If you do end up purchasing an item online that arrives several sizes too small, you could always give it to your pets. You might miss out on the latest fashion trends, but your cat won't have to!

8. Not Suitable For Wide-Screens

My roomate ordered a TV stand off amazon.... This is what came ?

— brendablancarte (@brendablancart2) August 18, 2015

Are you a mouse who enjoys watching television? Then this is the perfect stand for you! However, if you're a human, you'll probably want to invest in something bigger. Just a suggestion.

9. Some Assembly Required

On the one hand, this item is obviously unfinished. On the other hand, you've got yourself a fun new sewing project! Think of it as the fashion equivalent of IKEA.

10. Take a Seat

so i ordered a chair for my room off of amazon and...

— sav ?? (@itssavannahxox) August 3, 2017

Have we already mentioned that you need to carefully read the product's dimensions? Because you really need to carefully read the product's dimensions.

11. Nobody Wants to Take This Dress to Prom

Throwback to last year when I thought it was a good idea to buy a prom dress online from China

— Annie Bleiler (@_Annie_AreYouOk) March 30, 2015

Prom is a special occasion, and one where everyone wants to look their best. Sadly, sometimes things don't work out. This dress is a perfect example of expectations versus reality.

12. Clearly Not a Crystal

There are a number of beautiful crystals and semi-precious stones you can wear in necklaces. Sadly, this isn't one of them. This is just a rock, badly spray-painted.

13. The Truth About Unicorns

[email protected] weirdest looking unicorn I’ve ever seen? ?

— Hollie Hindley (@HollieHindley) October 13, 2017

Maybe this customer received the wrong item. Or maybe, just maybe, the retailer is trying to break some unfortunate news about the existence of unicorns. Either way, this is not what she paid for.

14. A Tight Fit

my mom thought she ordered some cheap leggings for herself and this came in the mail LMAO im done with life

— ✧˚. ✩ ?????? ???? ✩ .˚✧ (@lilveggiez) November 26, 2015

You could probably still wear these leggings, but only on your fingers. Who knows, it might start a new trend.

15. Can You Swim in Those?

don't order from China... this was supposed to be a swim suit

— в ¢ℓαу (@Bre_clayborne) February 13, 2016

Sometimes what you receive isn't remotely close to what you've ordered. Like this Twitter user who ordered a swimsuit and got shoes instead. Maybe the shoes are waterproof, but they will won't leave much to the imagination at the beach.

16. Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Getting on the scales can be daunting sometimes. Make things easier on yourself and buy a weighing scale that definitely won't break when you stand on it. It'll work out better for your wallet and your self-esteem.

17. Unexplained Mysteries of Online Shopping

I ordered makeup online and this is what came in the mail...I'm actually scared wtf is that???

— Jenna (@jennahutson_) February 16, 2017

Every so often the internet will throw you a curveball, and you'll receive an item that in no way, shape, or form resembles what you ordered. What does it mean? No one knows. But it's part of the risk of shopping online.

18. The Face of Disappointment

One of the basic requirements of a face mask is that it covers your face. While this definitely fails as a face mask, at least it's the right product and shape. Her forehead will likely be smooth and blemish-free too!

19. Not So Sweet

What I ordered vs what I got.. I can't really ?

— Psychopatra (@Cle0patra_VII) February 25, 2017

This looks like a disaster, but never judge a cake by its icing. Hopefully, it still tasted good?

20. It Feels Like Something's Missing...

Catherine D’Lish ordered an $8 knockoff of one of her own gowns, and I am DYING. ?

— Cora Harrington (@lingerie_addict) January 14, 2018

This product arrived with some of the vital materials, but there's a lot missing too. 50% for effort?

21. Nothing On TV

Don't believe everything you see on Facebook! One Facebook user ended up sorely disappointed when the TV she bought off a Facebook group turned out to be made of plywood. Maybe she can still use it as a table.

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