Take Your AI and Deep Learning Knowledge to the Next Level with This Advanced Bundle

Take Your AI and Deep Learning Knowledge to the Next Level with This Advanced Bundle

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If you work in technology or you’re aspiring to enter the field, understanding how artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning work is an absolute must. Possessing only a baseline knowledge of these increasingly important and relied-upon technologies, however, is no longer enough to be competitive and land a high-paying career.

Intended for anyone who wants to take their basic understanding of AI and deep learning to the next level, The Advanced Guide to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bundle features four courses and over 120 lessons that teach you how to address some of humanity’s biggest problems through powerful computer programming methods. For a limited time, you can land the entire bundle for just $19.

Although technically filled with advanced tutorials, this bundle presents the complex and frequently intimidating subjects in easy-to-understand language and hands-on examples. Your first course unpacks Deep Learning technologies and methods through an introduction to convolutional neural networks in Python — an incredibly powerful yet intuitive programming language used by AI professionals across countless industries.

Building on this foundation, you’ll move on to “unsupervised” deep learning methods — diving head-first into the power of auto-encoders, restricted Boltzmann machines, and Gibbs sampling techniques, all of which are principal components of large-scale analysis within deep learning.

In your Recurrent Neural Networks in Python course, you’ll discover the science behind language modeling and speech recognition technologies (one of the most prominent and popular subcategories of AI), before tackling natural language processing (an endlessly fascinating field of AI that concerns interactions between computer and human languages) and other current deep learning trends.

Stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving fields of AI and deep learning with The Advanced Guide to Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bundle—on sale for over 95% off at just $19.

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