This Is The Smartest and Most Customizable Clock on Earth

This Is The Smartest and Most Customizable Clock on Earth

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There are pros and cons to living in a world of nonstop text notifications and at-your-fingertips information. While this reality has in many ways allowed us to stay more informed and in touch with friends and loved ones, it can also be distracting and lead to a certain amount of information overload that drains our attention and energy.

That’s why it’s important to have a device that can filter and deliver only the most essential and important information while letting you stay focused on the task at hand. LaMetric Time is a fully-programmable, WiFi-connected clock that is being hailed as the most innovative and smartest clock on Earth. It is able to deliver information and notifications in a completely customizable and innovative way. On sale for just $199, LaMetric Time will change the way you engage with the world around you.

Think of LaMetric Time as your friendly, reliable, and super-smart personal assistant. It acts as a versatile display and control for smart homes—waking you up with your favorite music, delivering the forecast, operating your sound system, filtering text messages and emails, and much more.

Capable of integrating with a wide range of services and platforms including iOS, Android, Nest, Ring, SmartThings and more, LaMetric Time features just three elegant touch buttons that let you change tasks and initiate countless pre-programmed sequences, while a powerful accompanying app lets you customize a stylish interface in order to carry out a practically limitless number of key functions so you can live more productively and efficiently.

Keep LaMetric Time on your desk while you work in order to receive discrete notifications of an important email, keep track of your stock portfolio, or stay up to date on current events. It’s perfect for both the home and the office, fits perfectly on any shelf or desk, and is incredibly easy to set up via iOS or Android apps.

Live more productively while eliminating needless distractions with LaMetric Time—on sale for just $199.

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