This Little Device Makes You Feel Like You Have Your Own Fireplace Anywhere, Anytime

This Little Device Makes You Feel Like You Have Your Own Fireplace Anywhere, Anytime

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As winter approaches for the northern hemisphere, heating homes can become more of a challenge. Heating bills can skyrocket, and bundling up in layers is a sometimes restrictive way to cut down on heating costs. However, one device could provide an eco-friendly way to heat up a room without rising heating costs.

The Egloo is a candle-powered heating system. It's designed by the Italy-based company Art is Therapy. Egloo heats, scents and humidifies a space in one powerful and elegantly crafted package.

The Egloo has five unique elements each engineered to contribute something to the overall gadget. There's a base, a steel plate, a grill, and two nested domes.

The base allows enough room for the steel plate to fit comfortably. The plate has two parts -- one for water and the other for the wax and wooden sticks. A metal grill sits atop the base. The grill supports the two handcrafted domes. There's space between the two domes that forces hot air out and to disperse around the room. The terracotta used is a high-heat terracotta literally called "terra da fiamma." On average, it takes about 15 minutes for the terracotta to warm up; after that, the domes can start expelling excess heat and warming up a room.

The secondary tray for water also helps in a variety of ways. Adding water to an Egloo turns it into a humidifier. You can also add essential oils to the water for health benefits.

Want something a bit more artistic than the traditional three colors offered? Egloo partnered with Italian artisans to put their personal flairs on Egloo. Then, the company selected the designs they liked the most to sell to consumers. Each hand-painted Egloo is in a limited quantity and comes with a certificate of authenticity. For the company, the art goes deeper than an aesthetic benefit:

"It is scientifically proven that the only view of an artistic work is capable of improving the quality of life, both physical and mental health, reducing levels of anxiety and stress, normalizing heartbeats and pressure and activating the circuits of pleasure in our brain," the company wrote on its Kickstarter website.

"For this reason, we have achieved a beautiful object that can produce beneficial effects both in the mind and in the body of those who are watching it."

Who are the people behind Egloo as an idea? The Italian company said it simply "designs, develops and manufactures innovative products."

"We follow personally the product development in all its stages, from conception to the homes of our customers," they said. "All comes from an idea that we study and develop up to turn it into fully working products; always with precision, professionalism, attention to detail and infinite passion for what we do!"

Egloos do run at a higher price point than their traditional candle-warming counterparts. A pledge of 30 Euro on Kickstarter will get you a small dome, the accompanying equipment, 10 candle refills and one oil fragrance. There is an early bird special for 50 Euro. That package includes an Egloo Natural, five refills, one oil fragrance, and a brochure.

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