This Trusted VPN Will Keep Your Browsing Data Secure and Anonymous

This Trusted VPN Will Keep Your Browsing Data Secure and Anonymous

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Every time you use the Internet, you risk having your personal and private data exposed to countless hackers around the globe. And when you use public WiFi, that risk increases exponentially. Private Internet Access VPN protects your computer against nefarious hackers while letting your browse with complete anonymity, and a 2-year subscription is on sale for $59.95.

In addition to providing high-level encryption, Private Internet Access VPN offers IP cloaking, one-click installation, and an emergency kill switch that stops traffic if your connection is unexpectedly dropped. You can protect five devices simultaneously with unlimited bandwidth, while eliminating those obnoxious ads, trackers, and malware agents.

Give yourself peace of mind every time you browse the Web with Private Internet Access VPN. A 2-year subscription is just $59.95—over 60% off its regular price. Plus, right now you can use code VPN15 to save an extra 15% off at checkout.

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