Dive Into the Remarkable World of Arduino with This Bootcamp

Dive Into the Remarkable World of Arduino with This Bootcamp

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Arduino—a leading open-source platform that allows you to build complex and entertaining gadgets of your own design—is endlessly fun for tinkerers and dreamers of all skill levels. And this hands-on, projects-based Arduino Bootcamp lets you learn everything there is to know about Arduino for just $15.

You’ll finish this course having built an Arduino car, an Arduino phone, an online weather station, game projects, and much more. This course even teaches you the ins and outs of components like ultrasonic sensors, motor drivers, servos, and transistors—meaning you’ll have the skills you need to build even more complex projects on your own.

Embrace your inner inventor with this Arduino Bootcamp: Learning Through Projects course while it’s on sale for 85% off at just $15.

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