New Images Show Plans for Massive Google Headquarters in London

New Images Show Plans for Massive Google Headquarters in London

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If you thought Google offices couldn’t get any cooler, think again. Plans for Google Headquarters in London have been officially lodged with the Camden Council in England for planning approval. Designed by BIG and Heatherwick Studio, the plan is to create an 11-storey building that will host over 7,000 Google employees.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Google Campus

The most recently released images show a building comprised of stacked layers with varying heights and extrusions along its facades. Materials for the low slung design will be sourced through the Google ‘healthy materials’ initiative. The new Google Headquarters has a college campus feel to it in contrast to the tent-like design they pitched for Google's Campus in Mountain View, California.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Looking at the long term

Google is investing heavily in the area, having occupied some space in another recently built King's Cross building: 6 Pancras Square by Wilmotte & Associés.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Planning permission has also been granted to the growing cooperation for an 11-storey office building by UK-based Mossessian Architecture. The staff from existing offices in Covent Garden and Victoria will be united for the first time in these three buildings. Google Headquarters will be a productive hive for the technology company whose market cap is around $498 billion.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Green approach

Thomas Heatherick, Principle at Heatherwick Studio said his team wanted to take a green infrastructure approach to the design and think about building elements that could be multi-use and thus ensuring the campus would stay relevant and useful for decades to come. A King’s Cross native, Heatherwick points to the area's diverse building stock and industrial infrastructure as inspiration for the design's stark and clean lines and grand spaces.

Healthy Materials

The Google Healthy Materials Program aims to ensure all of the products used in Google building projects are created from materials with low impact to both the environment and the humans that come in close contact with them. The program evaluates the materials using industry specific regulations. Products that pass the criteria are implemented into the program and used for Google projects around the world.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Each area of Google Headquarters is designed to flow into other areas, creating a seamless workplace that gives a sense of cascading environments that connect across multiple floors.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Productive Space

Typical of Google, priority has been given to highly productive work areas dominated by light and green spaces. The 93,000-square-meter Google Headquarters will feature a massive rooftop garden, a swimming pool and a running track, dubbed a “trim track” for employees wanting to keep fit. There is no excuse for employee stress levels being too high. The proposed facility also boasts an events center and a number of cafes as well as numerous retail outlets at ground level.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

British Hub

The proposed office will be the first fully owned Google office outside of the United States. Google has more than 70 officesin 50 countries with more than 54,000 employees.

[Image Source: Heatherwick Studio]

Google has been the leader of innovative office design. Its headquarters in Mountain View, California, dubbed ‘Googleplex’ is famous for its colorful interiors, multiple restaurants and employee benefits like cinemas, gyms and even a replica of SpaceShipOne.

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